1. Happy 60th Birthday O!

  2. "We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope."

    Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

    Happy Birthday.


  3. Happy Birthday Zora Neale Hurston. May your legacy live on forever.


    Author of Their Eyes Were Watching God.

  4. Where were you?

    12:00am, Friday, December 13, 2013?


  5. A visionary, a warrior, a fighter. 

    Rest In Power to the greats.

    Nelson Mandela (18 July 1918 – 5 December 2013).


  6. "Cuffing Season" Survival Tips

    Cuffing Season is upon us and the Drake-inspired texts/DMs/PMs are piling up in inboxes across the country: “Why has it been so long? Why has it been so long?”

    Luckily for you, the Curve takes a backseat to the Cuddles this season so she may actually Come Thru. RE’s most seasoned Cuffers have offered up some vital survival tips to keep you warm this Winter and sane once the Spring hits:

    1. "There’s a calendar to cuffing. Preseason or “choosin” starts in the summer, regular season play is the act of cuffing, make it to the playoffs…congrats, you’re in a relationship!!!" - twitter: @2phirstnames

    2. “No pictures!” - twitter/IG: @dejablu_3_f2k3

    3. “Phone privileges…if you’re a temp, you get NO phone privileges…text ONLY…all calls will be sent to voicemail. Utilizing my minutes gives you the impression that I care…and I don’t.” - twitter: @ginalbabyruth

    4. “Keep the ‘pillow talk’ to a minimum, and no, I am NOT walking you to your car.” - twitter: @oneeyedmonsta

    5. “Don’t put all your emotions in the one you’re cuffing because chances are you’re not the only one they’re cuffing.” - IG: @indiaaa_indiaaa

    6. “You are NOT on track to be my girlfriend/boyfriend.”- Anonymous

    7. “BOUNDARIES…BOUNDARIES…BOUNDARIES….set them shits!!!” - twitter: @LifeErgoSum

    8. “If you have NEVER seen his crib…baby girl… WHY are you doing his laundry?!?!”- Anonymous

    9. “No dates before 9 o’clock and ONLY dark locations” - twitter: @ifool_witcha, IG: @_structured_chaos

    10. “Don’t introduce her to anyone but your BED.” - @ifools_witcha, IG: @_structured_chaos

    11. “If he or she is willing to trek across town in rain, sleet, and/or snow AT night, you may be getting cuffed.” - twitter/IG - @sadditysole

    12. “Game 1 of cuffing season starts 12/26 and ends on 2/13” - twitter/IG: @hesmug

    13. “Don’t get mad when they go home.” - twitter: @DAWN_of_aNEWday

    14. “I don’t care how much you enjoyed chillin with me, there is NO CONNECTION.” - IG: @MissFlyDiva

    15. “If she’s not on her knees before the night is over, she don’t make the cut.” - twitter: @BrintCity

    16. "No public display of affection and group dates only." -twitter/IG: @djmiccheck

    And… above all else:

    “Always wear a rubber.” -twitter: @_BenSkyWalker/@its_JohnnyJones

    But, in all seriousness… know who you’re dealing with and what you’re getting into! Take heed to this gem from Maya Mitchell, MA, NCC, LPC:

    When it comes to “Cuffin’ Season,” people need to keep in mind the word Season. That implies a beginning… and an END. We can’t overlook the power of human emotions, especially when it comes to companionship. So, as you’re caught up in a part of a cultural phase, you take on the risk of heartbreak. And, heartbreak can prey on even the strongest of individuals who wrapped themselves up in the idea that they could handle an understanding, a temporary physical and mental connection to another person. Remember, seasons ALWAYS change. - twitter/IG: @mayathemiss


  7. "cuz he’s black" - written and performed by Javon Johnson (@Javonism

    Javon Johnson does a great job discussing one of society’s more inconvenient truths. You can check out more of his work here: https://www.facebook.com/javonisms.


  8. Sip N’ Shop: A 1-on-1 with Pink Cashmere Boutique


    Resolute Ethos sits down with Stakesha St. Clair, one half of the dynamic design duo behind Pink Cashmere Boutique, just days before their upcoming Sip N’ Shop event. Stakesha, along with friend and business partner Tatiana Anderson, uses their fashion-forward business as a platform to promote style, inspire self-expression, and shatter stereotypes (sound familiar?!). Resolute Ethos definitely supports all things PCB so be sure to head over to Pink Cashmere Boutique after you check out the interview!

    RE: Give us some info about yourself. Where you’re from, general interests outside of your professional venture, educational background, etc…

    SS: Tatiana and I were born and raised in Washington, DC but, coincidentally, met during undergraduate school at North Carolina Central University in Durham. There, we developed a close friendship and commitment to being lifelong sisters after becoming devoted members of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. 

    We currently reside in the DMV and love every aspect of it. We live a city that’s known for its artistry in music, fashion, politics, and diverse culture. We grew up listening to artist such as the late Chuck Brown (affectionately known as the ”God Father of Go-Go”) and have always been inspired by fashion curated right here in the nation’s capital. People from the District are definitely known for creating their own style, one that can never be emulated. We’re proud Washingtonians! 

    We must add to that we sure like to party and we party hard!  When we’re not working or tied up in our own lives, like most people our age, we enjoy touring our city.  From hookah bars and lounges, to house hopping we do it all. Sometimes even until the sun comes up, why not right?

    Describe your own personal styles.

    Believe it or not, Tatiana and I have two totally different styles. Her style is a mix between vintage/retro and afro-centric. She’s not afraid to mix prints and colors. On the other hand, my style is more tailored. I live for color blocking, detailing, embellishments, and straight lines. I believe adding accessories and a “to die for” handbag can make styling any outfit look effortlessly chic. 

    Who are your main inspirations in fashion/business/life?

    We both aspire to possess the same attributes as our mothers. They are business savvy and revolutionaries like the Obama’s but, most importantly, put family first.

    Summarize PCB in three words. 

    Eclectic. Exclusive. Bold.

    Why should people support Pink Cashmere Boutique?

    As teenagers, and now as young women, we liked to dress in the latest fashion but at affordable prices. [There’s] nothing wrong with buying from the sale rack (of course, this idea came with age). We think everyone gets an overly excited feeling when they find something really cute and in their size for a really affordable price. At Pink Cashmere Boutique, our goal and focus are to provide stylish junior and junior plus size clothing for the masses. We’re experts in knowing women’s body types, curves and all! We want to provide celebrity-inspired fashion to our clients without breaking the bank. We’re young, ambitious women who love fashion and love our customers, too.

    What is one trend/item that you absolutely cannot live without?

    I think we can both agree that no fashionista, including ourselves, can live without a handbag. Whether it’s a clutch, oversized bag, or fanny pack (which are making a comeback by the way), it’s just one of those things you can’t leave home without. And then, of course, comes lipstick, mascara and a pair of big hoop earrings.

    What is one trend that you wish would die?

    Sagging pants.  Fellas, there is nothing sexy about exposed underwear.

    What are some “Must-Haves” for the Fall, 2013?

    Leather, leather, and more leather. Whether it’s faux or real, leather has taken over as one of the hottest Fall trends this season. This Fall, you can bet that your favorite stores will be stocked with everything leather including bomber jackets, baseball hats, gloves, pants… and they will come in an array of colors such as black, blue, red, white, camel, etc. 

    What is one designer that you would love to work with?

    We would love to work with the designers of H & M.  They are a well-known brand that has quickly established a name for themselves in such of a competitive market. We love how they can turn runway inspired merchandise into affordable ready-to-wear pieces. On a higher end, we love haute-couture designers such as the late Alexander McQueen, Phillip Lim, Balmain, Diane von Furstenberg, and the list could go on for days. 

    What’s one word of advice that you would give to any entrepreneur getting started in your industry?

    Commitment. Passion. Drive. These are the three attributes we believe can help mold any person into developing and maintaining a successful business. Like Nike says, “Just Do It!”

  9. At 6’1”/315 lbs, Cincinnati Bengals Rookie LT Terrence Stephens is a big dude with a huge voice. 


  10. "A child becomes an adult when he realizes that he has a right, not only to be right, but also to be wrong." - Thomas S. Szasz

    (Source: classyhustler, via departured)